The presence of countless species of flora and fauna make Madeira a true nature sanctuary that is well worth exploring, and to do this there is no better way than walking a “Levada”.

Built in the XVI century, the levadas are irrigation channels that cross the mountains of Madeira, extending over an area of more that 40 kilometres. To follow these is a true experience of the senses. Enter into the forest and smell the perfumes in the air, stop by a waterfall and take a refreshing bathe, climb the highest mountain and look at the sky. Unique moments in a scenario made up of serene colours, silence and tranquillity.

In addition to the levadas, which offer routes of diverse levels of difficulty, other ways exist in which to challenge the volcanic forms. Climbing, trekking, canoeing, btt, hang gliding, paragliding and jeep safaris pump the adrenalin to all lovers of radical sports. For those who prefer the sea, there is also surf, windsurf, sailing and diving.

In the middle of so much adventure, there are also relaxing trips by boat, balloon and helicopter, which allow one to appreciate the dazzling natural scenery of the islands from a different perspective.